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Sunday, 9:30am

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A Changing God

Does God’s Mind Ever Change?  For some, it’s a big question.  Consider what’s potentially at stake.  If God’s mind changes, does that mean God isn’t omniscient and all-knowing?  Why else would God’s mind change?  For others, God’s omniscience isn’t as important, in fact, some like the idea that God is changing and evolving with creation, including we human creatures.

In Exodus 33:12-23 we are finishing our journey with Moses.  He is still arguing for the Israelites.  In this case it’s about letting him and others see God’s face.  His argument is that this is a great gift to give these people who have trusted God enough to take on this adventure to faith.  God, at first, isn’t wanting to show Godself.  In this case, God wants to preserve a mysterious aura and respect.  But Moses’ convincing leads God to show Godself, just not the face.

In other words, God’s mind changed.  There are other instances of God adjusting and/or changing in scripture.  So, this isn’t the only one.  Those of us who appreciate a less rigid understanding of God will probably appreciate this passage.  

We humans have often taken an interpretation of scripture as God’s unchanging view of humanity.  This has led to a Judeo-Christian history with racism and other, less divine, movements (to use a mild description).  Maybe an understanding of a less rigid God will help us to avoid this kind of sin going forward.