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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

San Luis Rey Valley UMC


I remember a film with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams called “Awakenings”. It’s a really interesting film about a person, played by Robert De Niro, with a unique illness in his mind in which his brain would move so quickly that he was ultimately paralyzed with inaction.  Robin Williams played a doctor who figured out that it was actually through slowing his mind down that the man was able to be coherent and awake.  In a sense, he was “awakened” as a human being by this discovery.  You might want to check it out.  It’s a really good movie.

“Awakened” is a term that our Ministry Team and I have coined for how the writer of the gospel of John views faith.  It’s a journey of awakening to a new reality that is always in front of us, but not always easily seen.  Imagine you’re in a dark room and someone flips the light on.  All the sudden you’d see things that you didn’t before.  Faith is like that for John, except the lights aren’t ever off.  You just have to look differently.  You need to see with God’s eyes!

As we start this journey of Lent and “Awakenings”, my prayer for each of us is that this understanding of God’s world may become more real for us.  We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection at Easter.  But that new life can also be something we experience by looking at the world with God’s loving eyes.