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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

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I managed to get out to see the hit movie, “Barbie”, last week.  I have to give it a hearty thumbs up!  It managed to create some good, honest laughs while helping us wrestle with some of the gender issues that continue to hamper our ability to be all God would have us be. I especially appreciate the director’s (Greta Gerwig) ability to get us thinking without casting heavy judgment.  That can be difficult to do.

It’s also interesting in that we’ve been working through Genesis with the story of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel.  The traditional reading of this story pits the rather ‘normal looking’, Leah, against the ‘beautiful’, Rachel.  Yes, we were thinking this way even 4000 years ago.  And, we’re reminded that despite all that time, gender issues are still provocative.  The pressures that human society creates for itself are still inhibiting our ability to be fully who God created, regardless of gender. 

Gender issues have been in the social conversation in unique ways these last few years.  We’ve always been dealing with the biological realities about gender.  Now, some medical capacities have made these conversations even more complex.  What I realize from watching “Barbie” is that we’re still trying to figure out the base societal issues of gender.  Maybe this is why the more recent gender complexities have us so at odds.

The lesson of Genesis has been to continue to trust God and God’s promise as we navigate our lives.  Perhaps we should consider how we can do that more intentionally in dealing with life’s complexities.  This would be, in some ways, a turn back to simplicity.  How best might we love God and love neighbor, as Jesus instructed?