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Sunday, 9:30am

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Does it matter where we come from?

Most of us would answer, yes, of course! And yet, if I asked you to read the first part of Matthew you’d politely (or not politely) tell me no. You know why? It’s lineage!

The reason? It details genealogy, tracing the line from Abraham to Jesus, with one person leading to the next. But let’s explore this together. It seems that our own heritage holds a special place in our hearts, interesting primarily to ourselves and perhaps to others within certain contexts.

Here’s what’s interesting. That lineage in Matthew, the one that leads to Jesus, is actually a pretty rag tag group of believers! When we read through the tales and learn who these people really are, well, they come off as pretty human. If you’re like me, you figure that any lineage that has been kept forever recorded in the bible would be pretty special.

Lots of superhuman faith in that line, right? But, no. They’re actually people, like you and me, trying to live the best way they can, who happen to be in the “royal” Judeo-Christian line. As a crazy advent suggestion, I invite you to do a little research on some of the names in that lineage in Matthew 1:1-17. Who knows, seeing the human side of our ancestors might help you to be inspired to do something ‘bible worthy’ for our modern times. That could make for a very meaningful advent and Christmas, indeed.