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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

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God and Anger

What does God think about anger?  

It’s an interesting question because most of the time we think of God as being a peace-loving presence. We use the word ” love” a lot when talking about God; which again, makes it seem like God must want us to be very ‘touchy feely’. Some of us are watching the Jesus movies for Lent and the portrayals of Jesus play into this as well. We tend to want our Jesus to be calming and assured. Maybe we’re thinking, “If he’s not assured in faith, how will I ever be?” We choose a reminder that it’s possible to have faith, even in our complex world.

The thing is, I’m pretty sure we follow a God who gets angry. We might even prefer it. When I notice injustice in the world like racism, gender discrimination, or economic inequality; I’d like to think God gets mad at these things just as I do. We believe that we’re all God’s children so we ought to be angry when our world doesn’t express that with love for all. I hope God gets angry about that! Not necessarily in a wrathful way, but certainly in a way to move us to work for equality and healing.

The key seems to be in how we work with that anger. We all know that we can make our problems bigger when we let our anger fly in words or even violence. But if we can channel that emotion into loving action, (which can often be challenging); maybe it’s then that we are living in Godly spirit.

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Pastor Darren