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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

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Lessons on Leadership with Moses

Leadership is complicated!  As a young person, I had a long list of topics that I remember thinking weren’t all that complex.  Leadership!?  At first, it was all about being good about telling others what to do.  Can I be organized in a way that I can communicate to others how to get some shared project done.  Simple enough.  

That is, until I began to realize a little thing we like to call… human difference.  Yeah, leadership is simple.  As long as everyone appreciates information and direction in the same ways, which, news flash… they don’t.  People are different in so many ways, and the leader has to be the one who not only organizes the projects, but also factors in who the players are and what helps them stay motivated.  I haven’t even gotten into the different ways to model leadership.

As I said, leadership is complicated.

This week we’ll be in Exodus 3 which is where God informs Moses (through a burning, but not burning, bush), that he will be doing the impossible.  It is here that God entrusts Moses with a daunting mission: to lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt. Faced with such an overwhelming task, Moses reacts in a manner that many of us might find relatable—he questions his own adequacy, asking, “Who am I?” This moment of doubt reflects the universal challenge of confronting seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

A retired bishop in the UM, Rev Will Willimon, has an answer.  Maybe the leadership lesson here has to do with call.  With all the complexities involved in leadership, maybe a key question to ask ourselves going in is … Am I called to this?  Have I been gifted by God with the skills and the passion for this project?  If not, the rest of the questions might just be moot.