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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

San Luis Rey Valley UMC

Lessons on Leading

Next week we’ll remember Jesus at his resurrection.  But this Sunday we celebrate Jesus as a leader.  He did things differently, and it bothered people enough that it led to his death.

What kind of leader do you like?  I really like Magic Johnson!  He was probably my first big sports hero.  Sure, I chased the Angels when I was young, so I had some favorites there, too.  But the 80’s Lakers is when I came of age.  Showtime!  The fast breaks and Worthy dunks.  Michael Cooper getting in their best scorer’s grill.  Nothing beat it!  And nothing beat Magic as the catalyst of it all.  

What I liked most about Magic was that he made it his job to make everyone better.  He knew what each person was good at and how to draw their best out of them.  Leaders like Kobe were just so good that others got better because of the attention he drew.  But Magic ran a team like a well built car, hitting all the marks and getting the most out of his team; letting them know the fullness of their abilities.

In his sacrifice you might say that Jesus was able to do the same.  He had a commitment to our knowing our own worth in God’s eyes.  This is what drives a lot of our acts of faith.  We feel so blessed that we want to act in ways that enhance that feeling.

So what kind of leader do you like?  Or maybe a better question… what kind of leader are you?