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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

San Luis Rey Valley UMC

Listening for God

If you’re like me you’d appreciate God making things clear now and again.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the gift of life and the independence God has blessed me with.  I wouldn’t want to give any of that up.  But now and again I’d love for God to come down and say to me… “Darren, do this!”  Wouldn’t that make life easier?  Do I call that person or not?  Do I take that job or not?   Sometimes some straightforward direction would be great!

Our reality is that God speaks in less straightforward ways with us.  This is all part of that independence we appreciate.  So when we want to know God’s desire and/or will, we have to use the methods of communication we’ve established with God.  Which begs the question, How do you listen for God?  Do you need quiet?  Do you have a special place?  A practice?

Interestingly enough, we’re in a place as a denomination in which we are doing our best to listen for God as we deal with some issues in the United Methodist Church.  It would be nice for God to come amongst us and give us the straightforward instruction we crave.  But again, we encounter this ‘blessed’ gift of independence, the reality of which means we need to do the work to listen for the way God would have us move.

We’ll be doing that on Sunday after worship when we hear an update on where our conference is with the larger denomination’s decisions regarding issues around sexuality and gender.  We know that this is an important, and often difficult, issue for some.  For this reason, we’ll be doing our best to listen for God’s voice, while practicing the appropriate humility of a people looking to be blessed, and to be a blessing.  Which is probably something we should be doing with every issue.

You are encouraged to join us as we discern SLRVUMC’s place in this conversation.