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Sunday, 9:30am

San Luis Rey Valley UMC

Magic Pennies

I’ve never tested the theory, but supposedly there is a thing called a “Magic Penny”.  What makes this penny “magic” is not that it’s getting pulled out of someone’s ear or anything like that.  It’s called a magic penny because, supposedly, this penny, when given to others, allows one to have more of these pennies.  I know!  Impossible!  If this currency gets around the economy is going to collapse… Where can I get one?

For now, I would resist the urge to hunt his coin down.  Instead, I suggest we adopt this mindset with our ‘faith-oriented’ currency; love.  The magic penny stuff is specious, at best.  But what I have experienced in my days in this world is that God’s love does indeed multiply.  I can give you a regular penny or a dollar, or ten dollars; and you’ll be able to buy some of a restaurant meal.  But I will be without that ten dollars.  It will not magically return to me.  

Godly love, on the other hand, is regularly multiplied.  Often it’s being shared or given results in the giver experiencing more of its value than the receiver.  Imagine that!

Friends, I am thankful to be walking the journey of faith with you and I pray that you have a blessed thanksgiving with God’s love as plentiful as turkey stuffing!