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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

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Passion for Faith

Lit tealight candles.

Passion for Faith

I watched a documentary the other day on NatGeo (National Geographic TV).  It’s got me thinking about a healthy passion for faith.  The film is called “The Mission” and it’s about a young man who felt called to go to an island and evangelize the people that had been untouched by outside society.  You may remember the story from 2018 and the young man, John Chau, who felt this calling.  The bottom line is, it doesn’t end well.  The young man ventures there and isn’t seen again.  Most folks assume he didn’t survive.  

The story itself begs a question that has been lingering for me.  We want to inspire passion for our faith and encourage people to trust what they feel to be God’s urging.  And yet, where is the line for being realistic about this ministry?  As it’s told, this was the young man’s second attempt to connect after being threatened to leave the first time.  We can’t say he never got the message… but he didn’t seem to get their message.  

Underneath this conversation are questions about the nature of “evangelism”.  John Chau wanted to teach them the bible, having the understanding that it was essential to salvation in God’s eyes.  For him, salvation was at stake for these primitive people.  Did he understand God correctly?  Can the bible “save” someone?  Or is that God’s job?  

Some big questions for the middle of January…

The Mission (2022) Trailer