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Sunday, 9:30am

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Thoughts on Rebellion

I’m watching the new “Star Wars” show on Disney plus.  It’s called “Andor ” and its all about the forming of the ‘rebellion’ that’s the key conflict in most of the Star Wars saga.  For any fellow Star Wars ‘nerds’, this part of the story takes place in the time after Anakin Skywalker goes to the dark side, but before he’s become Darth Vader.  Luke and Han Solo will sign on with Leia for the rebellion in the original Star Wars story we saw on film in 1977, which was actually the fourth in the series… but filmed first… and now called “A New Hope”.  Does it all make sense?

The story is very well done with more complex themes than we typically see in the Star Wars stories which tend to skew young for the kids.  The theme of societal rebellion rests in conflict and is usually more complex.  I find it’s also an attractive theme for us humans.  Maybe because it allows us to live out frustrations in life where we might feel cheated or even oppressed.

The Christian church has been on both sides of this conflict.  We’ve been oppressed as a people who have a certain understanding of life’s truths that can collide with our culture.  But we’ve also been on the side that’s oppressing, usually to move people into our way of thinking.

It begs the question, when have you felt oppressed for what you believed?  But also, when have you pressured, or even oppressed others for their beliefs?