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Sunday, 9:30am


Sunday, 9:30am

San Luis Rey Valley UMC

U2 at the Sphere

I have a friend who‘s been to the U2 show at the Sphere in Las Vegas… 6 times.  I should add that the show started only a few months ago.  Can you believe it?  For those who don’t know, U2 is a pop rock band that’s been around for a while.  And they’ve got a residency at a new venue in Las Vegas called the Sphere.  It’s an arena in which the entire surrounding structure is in a sphere formation with screens everywhere.  (Check out the pic!)  That’s U2 and the crowd at the bottom.  The picture runs up the walls.  Kinda makes me a little dizzy even from here!

What’s interesting for me is that I’m fighting off feelings that I should be getting out there.  I’ve been a U2 fan for years.  They’ve been a mainstream band that also held a Christian faith.  So they’re right in my wheelhouse.  And with U2 being the first band to put a show together in this venue, it feels like I should be taking it in.  The problem is… I’m not much of a concert guy anymore.  I still love music; just not crowds and $$$ tickets.  I’ve always been more of a film guy, anyway.  Still, this is a once in a lifetime thing… to see the first band (a band I like) in the first of these types of show. I should go, right?  We’re in an age where authentic (not virtual) experiences seem harder and harder to find.  It feels like there might be something unique to be experienced in that space.  

This Sunday we’re talking about Jesus’ transfiguration in which a once in a lifetime event happens. Jesus’ authority is affirmed at the top of a mountain by light and the voice of God.  Only a few disciples got to go witness this!  I’m pretty sure the others felt like they had missed something.  No excuses… unlike the U2 show, there were only a few people there, and it didn’t seem to cost a thing. (Just kidding.  Not sure they were all invited.)  What unique and special experiences have you had?  Maybe more importantly… how did they change you?