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Lent 2023 – How will you get closer to God?

Lent 2023
How will you get closer to God?  This is what we might ask ourselves as we approach Lent.  Many of us know of the tradition of ‘giving something up’, usually something less positive for our lives.  But we can forget about the ultimate purpose, which is to get ourselves closer to God.  This purpose might lead us more to the question, what will fill that empty space left by the ‘giving up’?
At San Luis Rey Valley our ministry team is working on some options that will help you get closer with God.  They are listed below.  Take some time to discern if God is urging you to something deeper this season.  The beauty of Lent is that it’s 6 weeks.  As we get busier, sometimes that’s the perfect window of time.
Let us know how you get inspired!

*Sunday Breakdown – Sundays @11am,(bible study from Sunday’s worship) Pastor Darren
*Tuesday Book Study – Tuesday at 6pm to 7:30.  Join us for a simple supper to start!
Rev Adam Hamilton’s “The Gospel of John” Joyce Earickson and Pastor Darren
*Handbells – Wednesdays @6:30 (prepping for Lent and Holy Week music) Fran Sanders
*Singing – Sundays @10:45 (prepping for Lent and Holy Week music) Anne Cave
*Prayer – Sundays @8:45 (preparing ourselves for the week) Cindy Taylor
*Outdoor Walking/Hiking – Sundays @1pm (weekly outdoor opportunities) Bet Ramsey and Dirk Marchant
You can sign up on Sundays or with the church office.y will be based on the book by Amy – Jill Levine “Witness at the Cross”

“Experience Holy Friday from the perspective of those who watched Jesus die… The people at the cross each have distinct roles to play in the Gospels.”

All are welcomed!!

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