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Sunday, 9:30am

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War in Israel

As a war begins in Israel we at SLRVUMC are in an interesting spot in that we’ve been walking a journey through Genesis and Exodus, the two books of the bible that open our bible and its history.  Contemporary conflict in this region is often simplified into a battle between Muslim and Jewish factions with Christianity weighing in as well.  I’m not always sure this is an appropriate simplification because it fails to address the extreme influences of power, money and politics that often leverage religion to meet their ends.  Still, it’s with a heavy heart that we address the realities of war.

This latest journey we’ve taken through scripture has struck me with its window into the conflicts that hindered the forefathers of our faith.  Often when we research the lineage of different warring factions in these stories we find a common ancestor or ancestors.  How often do we remind ourselves that Isaac, who’s lineage would lead to Judeo Christanity and Ishmael, whose lineage would result in Islam, were half brothers; both born of Abraham.

At this point I invite you to hold prayers for peace and justice in your hearts.  We pray for Godly wisdom to be present and for leaders to allow that guidance to have influence. Amen