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Sunday, 9:30am

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What do you pray for?

When you sit down, take a walk, or look upward… what is it that you are praying for?  I’d like to think that all my prayers are of valid integrity and aim at world peace.  Don’t we all want to be that guy or gal?  “Not for me, God, but for them.”  😇  But truthfully, not all my prayers have been free of my self interest.  🥴

True Confessions… God has heard a few prayers from voices that sound a lot like me asking for certain teams to win or for specific players to do well.  And even though my team, the Rams, won it all last year; I don’t really like the idea that God would be getting involved at that prayer level.  There are bigger issues at hand than those that decide who wins a Superbowl.  I’d hope that God might be more focused on our issues of homelessness or climate change.  But it is fun to hold deep passion for a team in a big game.

Potentially the most common prayer is the intercessory prayer.  That’s the one where we ask God to ‘intercede’ in the workings of our lives, mostly for our benefit.  Sometimes I wonder, though, given the complexity of the world, whether we might be better off praying for the strength and wisdom to get through life as it is.  If our aim is to get better at life with Jesus as our guide, there might be more value in walking the journey than in having it walked for you.

So… what do you pray for?