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Sunday, 9:30am

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Who the heck is Miriam?

Sometimes I wonder if our patriarchal history has buried a less gender oriented scripture.  Have you ever heard of Miriam?  Many of us have heard of Moses… he gets a lot of pub.  Having lots of one to one interactions with God will do that for you.  Did you even know that Moses had a sister by that name?  She was pretty critical to the story.  Even played a key role in Moses being rescued as a baby.

Miriam is in our Exodus scripture this week not only as Moses’ sister, but also as a prophetess.  It probably shouldn’t catch my eye except that our tradition isn’t always very good about highlighting the women of scripture.  The bible can be seen as a pretty patriarchal influence.  But when I see this verse, with a woman given this authority, it makes me wonder how much of that patriarchal perception came from our history in Judeo-Christianity.  It’s a strange irony.

Sure, the bible is a picture from a largely patriarchal world.  But God seemed to be working in a much more gender equal way with clearly influential women in Genesis, and now a prophetess in Miriam.  Who woulda thought?